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digging for second-hand gold on the obx

If you love old stuff that has been given new life, you are going to love all the shops popping up on the OBX featuring interesting pieces, many repurposed so artfully you find yourself saying “How did they think of that?” This great blog post over on the Village Realty website lists many (but not all) of these fun spots. Check ’em out!

inside Deja New

Deja New in Kitty Hawk. Photo courtesy Village Realty.

“Every now and then I love to go to those funky little shops that carry vintage, shabby chic items, antiques…you know the kind. A new version of this type of shop has surfaced, where a lot of the items are renewed and/or re-purposed. People who do this are very creative and quite imaginative. For example, taking an old dresser, cutting off the legs, painting it and adding a long cushion and some pillows on top…now you have a seating/storage bench.  Or using an old door as a headboard, vintage doorknobs added to an old board or piece of driftwood and voila, you have a hat rack or place to  hang coats, towels, scarves.”

Read the rest of the story and discover more fun shops HERE!

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