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dig it? just don’t on currituck beaches

Currituck County Hopes to Make Beaches Safer.

Dangerous to the people who dig them, dangerous to beachgoers and dangerous to emergency responders, the deep pits people dig on Outer Banks beaches may soon be illegal in Currituck County. Aware of the problem, County Commissioners are seeking a way to address the issue according to Jeff Hampton of The Virginian Pilot.

An unsuccessful rescue attempt on a California beach.

An unsuccessful rescue attempt on a California beach.

“Currituck County officials plan to outlaw digging deep holes on the beach that can cave in and kill.

Accounts of head-high excavations in the sand have prompted the Board of Commissioners to draft an ordinance making it a crime to leave a deep pit on the beach .

The board is expected to pass the ordinance at Monday night’s meeting, member Paul Beaumont said.

An ambulance on a rescue call nearly backed into a hole on the Corolla beaches this summer, Beaumont said. Wild-horse-tour vehicles have to dodge the hazards, said commissioner Bob White, who runs one of the popular activities on Currituck’s four-wheel-drive beaches.”

Read the rest of this story in The Virginian Pilot.

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