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did the lost colonists just head for hatteras?

New evidence found on Hatteras Island suggests that at least some of The Lost Colony may have just moved to Hatteras Island with their buddy Manteo! This great story by Ed Beckley for the Outer Banks Voice, shares the latest fascinating finds of the all-volunteer Croatoan Archeological Society on Hatteras Island.

Archeologists digging

Croatoan Archeological Society. “Exploring and Protecting the History of Hatteras Island… one shovel at a time.”

‘“Overwhelming circumstantial evidence” shows that some of the 1587 colonists, proclaimed so many years as lost, lived for generations on Hatteras Island and assimilated among the Croatoan Tribe of the Native-American Manteo, the chief archaeologist for the Croatoan Archeological Society says.

Mark Horton, professor of archaeology at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, said Friday that two “star finds” in the past week, coupled with seven years of supporting artifacts, strengthens the case that something of “exceptional importance for American history” had been unearthed.

At a gathering at College of The Albemarle in Manteo, dozens of people saw, close up, rack after rack of artifacts brought to light by the group’s all-volunteer archaeologists, made up of about a dozen students from the UK and local residents who support the non-profit CAS and have a passion for determining the fate of the 16th Century John White colony.’

See the evidence and get the whole story on the Outer Banks Voice.


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