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currituck watermen + the big curri-shuck

Family traditions continue on the Currituck Sound.

It takes a lot of oysters and crabs to feed the hungry hordes at The Big Curri-Shuck but two strong Currituck characters, Hunter Stuart of I Got Your Crabs and John Wright of  Sanctuary Vineyards manage to pull off the feast year after year. Check out this great video from Our State Magazine (presented by Currituck Outer Banks) that examines the deep family history of Hunter and Currituck watermen — it ties in perfectly with a story about The Big Curri-Shuck by Kip Tabb, writing for the Outer Banks Voice.

“It would be hard to imagine a more perfect way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday than The Big Curri-Shuck this past Saturday at Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg.

Giant colanders filled with oysters and sometimes crab, white clouds of steam rising as the contents are dumped on long tables.

People lined up for eastern North Carolina pulled pork barbecue served with perfect hush puppies. Wine from Sanctuary Vineyards; beer from local breweries Lost Colony Brewery and Weeping Radish. Hayrides for the kids. And great music.

If the historic meaning of Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the bounty of the harvest, then the Big Curri-Shuck is a celebration of the harvest of the sea.

“We went through 125 bushels of oysters this year,” Hunter Stuart of I Got Your Crabs said. “And 25 bushels of crab.”

Read the rest of this story in The Outer Banks Voice .

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