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broken glass becomes beach gold

Long walks by the sea looking for beach glass top my (long) list of reasons to live on the OBX. My mother shared her love of shelling with me years ago, and I’m always delighted to come across these colorful bits of glass the ocean has smoothed. Jeff Hampton, in this piece for The Virginian-Pilot , shares the story of another local treasure hunter who loves spotting beach glass.

sea glass

Some beach glass pieces from the Hidden Outer Banks collection. Mandala and photo by the fabulous Lisa Parks.

“Tony Brittan held a bit of smooth, red glass smaller than a dime in the palm of his hand.

Years tumbling in the sea had softened its edges and scoured its surface so the Outer Banks sun gave it an opaque glow.

“That’s the best red piece I’ve ever found,” said Brittan, owner of Island Shore Productions. “It’s kind of like the holy grail.”

Brittan cherishes daily walks on the beach, focused on the sand scattered with pebbles, shell fragments, and – every now and then – a piece of sea glass. Daily pressures fade as he concentrates on the natural clutter below while the surf rhythmically breaks nearby. The first finds a few years ago hooked him and his fiancee.”


Read the rest of the story on The Virginian-Pilot!


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