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behind the lens with matt lusk

I don’t know about you, but I tend to watch the surf action safely from the beach. So, I am grateful for surf photogs like Matt Lusk for going out into the lineup and getting those great shots that make you feel like you paddled out! And who better to write this piece in the North Beach Sun than local surf pro Jesse Fernandez? We love it!

surf photographer in the water

How’s this for a selfie? Matt Lusk at work. Photo by Matt Lusk, courtesy of North Beach Sun.

“Surf photography allows surfers and non-surfers alike to enjoy the sport from afar. Recording action imagery is no small task, so I sat down with Outer Banks lens man Matt Lusk to find out just what it takes to get the shot.



Nigel Haynes setting his line on Hatteras Island. Photo by Matt Lusk Photography

Originally from Yorktown, Virginia, Lusk moved to the area in 2006 after college, utilizing a degree in chemistry and biology to work at the UNC Coastal Studies Institute. The job served its purpose, but he was still drawn to shooting photos after documenting a solo backpacking trip through Indonesia and Australia in between finishing school and joining the work force. He spent the next two years working and shooting photos on the side before finally taking the leap of faith in 2009 to become a full time photographer.”

avalon pier and lightning

Avalon Pier as a thunderstorm moved offshore. Photo by Matt Lusk Photography








Read the rest of the story and hang ten over at the North Beach Sun. Check out more of Matt’s incredible work HERE.


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