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beach access vs bird nesting update #998

We’ve all been following these beach closure stories on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands seemingly FOREVER. In this latest update on this ongoing battle, it appears that a compromise between nature and beachgoers may be in sight. Check out the deets in this great article by Jeff Hampton for The Virginian-Pilot.

amorous american oystercatchers

American Oystercatchers. Photo by Terry Hartley

“A pair of amorous oystercatchers prevented beach buggies from reaching the fishing hot spot of Cape Point last month.

By next month, love birds and eager anglers could be sharing the turf in a way that satisfies both groups.

The National Park Service conducted public hearings last week regarding smaller buffers around shorebird and sea turtle nests. A federal law passed in December gave the park six months to shrink no-drive zones or offer a corridor around nests. Changes are set to occur by mid-June. The public can comment through Thursday.

The issue has pitted environmental groups against avid fishers and beachgoers who want more beach open to vehicle traffic. Court battles have gone on for years.”

Get the rest of the story on how the buffer zones could be reduced at The Virginian=Pilot.

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