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basnight receives lifetime achievement award

The North Carolina Coastal Federation Pelican Award is given every year to “…recognize the effective work of people, businesses, non-profit groups, local and state governments and educators to improve environmental quality on the N.C. coast.” In awarding its 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award to Senator Basnight of Dare County, the Coastal Federation wrote, “His proud accomplishments demonstrate his love for the coast and its people.”

HOBCostfedthmb“Former Senator Marc Basnight, a Dare County native, received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the N.C. Coastal Federation for years of leadership in the N.C. General Assembly that shaped the N.C. coast in significant ways.

“You look up and down the coast, there are a lot of things that have resulted from his legacy, from land being protected, restored areas, better regulations for coastal development to investments in infrastructure and things that he really shepherded through the process,” said Todd Miller, the executive director of the federation.”


Click HERE to learn more about Senator Basnight and his impact on coastal North Carolina.

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