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an all-american christmas parade on hatteras

Who doesn’t love a parade? The folks down in Hatteras village certainly do, and they turned out for their annual Christmas parade this past Saturday! This short by Kip Tabb writing for the Island Free Press makes you feel like you were there.

Winner of Most Creative float, Midgett Realty's Gingerbread House.

Winner of Most Creative float, Midgett Realty’s Gingerbread House.

“If Norman Rockwell were alive and looking for an all-American Christmas parade to paint, he would come to Hatteras village.

The parade route is perhaps a mile long, not long at all by the standards of most parades, but with families gathering along the entire route, children in Christmas regalia, neighbors greeting neighbors and falling into conversation, the feeling of community is tangible.”

Get in the Christmas spirit and read the rest of the story on the Island Free Press.

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