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amazing night: time-lapse video of obx

Motion time-lapse captures the OBX night sky.

Daniel Lowe with Star Mountain Media created this captivating time-lapse video nearly 10 years ago, but it is timeless. It’s an heart-stopping look at one of the Outer Banks’ best features: a night sky uninhibited by skyscrapers or light pollution. It features the Cape Hatteras light in Buxton, a wildfire burning in Stumpy Point and Jennette’s Pier, and you also get a zippy trip across Oregon Inlet.

[be sure to click on the four arrows in the right hand corner to view the video full screen- much more awesome!]

“I started thinking about a location near me for astrophotography. The Outer Banks was a natural, unlike most places near the East Coast, it has very dark skies with little light pollution. I went to Salvo, N.C. under the new moon in April and took a test shot.

The production shooting for my film was done over two trips, one during the new moon in May, and one during the new moon in June. Many of the shots were taken at an old graveyard near Salvo, N.C.”

Daniel Lowe’s time-lapse cinematography has been featured on the National Geographic blog, Gizmodo, PetaPixel, Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomy Blog, EarthSky Science, and Blue Ridge Parkway Daily websites. His website is

Read all of Daniel’s blog about the making of the video here.

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