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alien futuro frisco spaceship is otherworldly

Looking like a flying saucer, the Frisco spaceship is actually a Futuro home. Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the 1960s this one came to earth in 1968. My Home, NC a program of UNC TV have made a great short video that tells the fascinating story of its history and the people who have preserved it. 

“Originally sold as a kit in Playboy Magazine, the Futuro House located in Frisco, NC has gained a reputation for the other worldly. The 60s-style structure has been moved around the Outer Banks near Hatteras serving different purposes including beach cottage, Girl Scout meeting house and hot dog stand. Now, the house sits in Frisco, where it’s been transformed from Futuro House into Frisco UFO spaceship, attracting passersby and fans of the unique.

The Futuro House in Frisco, NC, also known as the Frisco UFO spaceship, raises questions like, why is it there? What possessed somebody to do this? And what makes him dress up like an alien? At least that’s what owner Leroy Reynolds said, and he should know—he’s the “alien.”

Read the rest of this story at UNC TV!

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