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after the blackout :: hatteras island

Hatteras Island Power Outage Story Still Unfolding.

Months after a construction crew working on the new Bonner Bridge severed the power cable to Hatteras Island, financial uncertainty remains a part of life for island businesses and residents. First Flight High School graduate Molly Weybright, writing for the UNC School of Journalism Media Hub, does an outstanding job of exploring the concerns of the people who live there.

Working on fixing the severed power cable at the Bonner Bridge in late July, 2017.

Workers fixing the severed power cable at the Bonner Bridge in late July, 2017.

“The power was out when Jane Metacarpa woke up on July 27.

It was early, still dark, and after flicking the light switch on and off a few times, she went to look for flashlights. She had to finish helping her 9-year-old son pack for camp and figured the power wouldn’t be back on for a couple of hours, at least.

After dropping off her son, she went about the rest of her morning as well as she could. Her restaurant, the Sandbar & Grille, would close for lunch because of the outage, but she hoped that by dinner the power would return, and she’d be able to feed the summer tourists who flock to the island.”

More than three months after Hatteras went dark for seven days, residents still face an uncertain future. Read the rest of the story on UNC Media Hub.

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