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a ghost story from ocracoke!

Is Ocracoke the nexus of Outer Banks hauntings?

Continually occupied since the late 17th century, the village of of Ocracoke has experienced life and death for 350 years. Do the spirits of the departed walk come more frequently to the village? You be the judge in this tale of the unexplained from Sara Chauhan writing for the Ocracoke Current.

The ghostly visage of Blackbeard an ever-present part of Ocracoke life.

The ghostly visage of Blackbeard an ever-present part of Ocracoke life.

“I lived in the Lighthouse Neighbor during the summer of 1988 and again part-time in the summer of 1995. The house has a family cemetery plot adjacent. It is located, of course, next to the Lighthouse. This is some of what I experienced. There were many, many witnesses.

The first night I moved into the Lighthouse Neighbor in 1988, my best friend Anne and our three other roommates threw a party. Within minutes, the power went out. Not uncommon on Ocracoke, especially in the ‘80s. So we took the party outside onto the front porch until the bugs and humidity chased us all to the beach. The Lighthouse Neighbor was the only house on the block with no lights. Weird, we thought.

Not long after (maybe even later that same night?) the five of us were at the house late – getting ready for bed. Anne and I were in the front room that has a door to the front porch and road. The bedroom door was open revealing the long hallway that led to the back door with the 2 other bedrooms off that. The backdoor slammed open, the lights went out and there was a white flash of something in the open back door. The five of us went flying out the front bedroom door into the street, terrified. After a while the lights came back on (again – only house) and we timidly made it as far as the front bedroom, where we all slept the rest of the night. ”

Is Ocracoke haunted? Read the rest of this otherworldly encounter in the Ocracoke Current and you be the judge.

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