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Old school meets new school at the Wink’s in Kitty Hawk

There’s a wonderful feeling of stepping back in time when entering the Wink’s in Kitty Hawk, but along with nods to the past, you’ll find some deliciously updated ideas. Amelia Boldaji perfectly captures the feel of history and place in this story for the North Beach Sun.

Owner Ann Greeson at the counter at Wink's. Photo Patti Harrell Photography.

Owner Ann Greeson at the counter at Wink’s. Photo Patti Harrell Photography.

“There’s a shallow cardboard box behind the counter of Wink’s in Kitty Hawk that’s filled with old keys. Most are still attached to key chains marked with numbers or family surnames. One advertises a long-defunct Esso Service Station (with a surprisingly quaint four-digit phone number to contact), while another guarantees postage if the key is dropped in any mailbox. One simply says it belongs to “A Summer Place.

The individual stories behind these keys might be lost, but Ann Greeson, who now co-owns Wink’s with her husband, Danny, keeps them because they’re a large part of the history behind this small, local grocery store. “People used to come in and sign for their house keys and whatever groceries they needed,” Ann explains as she points out a post in the middle of the store that’s studded with nails. “At the end of the week they’d settle their bill and hang their keys up here until next time.”

Get the rest of this story on the Kitty Hawk Winks at the North Beach Sun.

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