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30′ wave attacked jennette’s pier? NOPE

So, in case you haven’t already figured it out, this image of a 30′ wave about to obliterate Jennette’s Pier is not the real deal. ALEX LEX is well known on the OBX for his photoshopping skills and skewed sense of humor, but some folks out of our area had no idea it was “art” and got pretty worried. Hurricane Jose did bring some good size surf our way, but nothing even close to the wave depicted in the image. Facebook worked it’s magic, the image went viral, and so many thought the image was real that the internet fact-checking site Snopes took a  look and put the rumors to rest.

This is what the waves REALLY looked like as Jose rolled by. Photo courtesy Jennette’s Pier.

“This is not a genuine photograph. This image was created by photographer Alex Lex, and a faint watermark can be spotted in the upper-right corner of the image (circled in red in the image below). Although Lex presented this image as if it were genuine when he posted it to his Facebook page, this image has been manipulated.

This image may appear authentic at first glance, but a closer inspection revealed one glaring error: A calm horizon line can still be seen beneath the pier. If this wave truly was crashing down on Jennette’s Pier, it would be impossible to see the horizon (as it would require the waves to the left of the pier to be invisible)”


Read the rest of what Snopes, snooped out HERE.

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