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12.5 ft great white shark pinging off OBX

Hilton the shark is headed north looking for love.

Hilton last pinged off the OBX early on Tuesday.

One of the most recently tagged Great White sharks, Hilton, has been hanging around Outer Banks coast for a few days now. OCEARCH says he’s probably on his way north for mating season off Cape Cod, late August through November. Check out OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker to track Hilton (and other sexy sharks), and you can follow Hilton on Twitter @OCEARCH @HiltonTheShark

“The shark, named Hilton by the OCEARCH team who tagged him, has been swimming up and down the Carolina coast for the last few days.

According to tracking data, Hilton made his closest approach to land Saturday, passing nearby Cape Lookout and along the Cape Lookout National Seashore.”

Read the rest of this story at WAVY TV10.
UPDATE: Hilton pinged off the coast of Kitty Hawk Tuesday morning!

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